Tuesday, February 1, 2011

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Tona - 1000 (2008)

Tona are a Rock band from Serbia (Tona In Serbian means Tons), and they play a unique brand of Rock which is so hard to label, somehow the same thing we've got with the Melvins. 1000 is the name of their 2008's album and it's a pretty solid record in most of aspects. It's so interesting that Tona's music can be both complex and simple at the same time, that's one of the things that I like about them.

Melodic interludes play a big role in Tona, most of the song starts with them, there are only three or four exceptions out there, songs like "Pieces" or "Oreol" which are pure rock n' roll tracks; "Pieces" for example is one of the highest peaks of the band's songwriting, a extraordinary slab of Rock n' Roll, decorated with some Harmonica and awesome groovy guitars. The other song that really made me dazzled was "Go Slow", Rhyming vocals, downbeat melodies and progressing structure that some bluesy solos been added to set the listener's mind on fire.

Vocals are probably the best part in this band (Goddamn it ! It reminded me Buzz Osborne's voice several times when I was listening to the record) ; so talented, to the point and catchy. Whether they're playing a mellow song like "Box" or a hard piece of groove like "Bull May" George (Vocals) does the best job. It varies from chanting clean singing to rhyming screams based on the music going in the background.

Lyrics are most in English but we've also got some songs that lyrics are in Serbian ("Oreol" for example). "Through Water" the last song in the album is the only song that is mostly instrumental, and there're scant lyrics going on, just like Pelican's "Final Breath", as a matter of atmosphere.

I think we've spoke about the good features of this album but what are the negative points there, I think the only negative thing is the production, guitars don't sound enough heavy and drums could be a bit louder. But when we overview the whole record in a couple of minutes what we reach is that not only their work is quite good, they would even compete with top American or British acts cos I think If CKY are a group of talented musicians, TONA are gods.

In the end I recommend this album to every one of you, Listen to it and Listen to it loud.

Holy Grail's Rating : 4/5

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