Monday, July 27, 2009

Earthdog`s Visions of Doom!

Its nice to see that our album works well throughout the genres!

Review on Doom Mantia:
"Tona are from Serbia which makes them kind of unique,i don't know how many bands you have heard from there but i have not heard many at all.This album came as a bit of a surprise because i really only ever heard there songs on their Myspace page and on some shitty computer speakers.That's where i went wrong,this CD is made to be played loud to be fully appreciated.To sum up their style and sound is not all that easy,they mix up Metal,Rock,Punk,70's Hard Rock Sounds and some mean Stoner Metal to create something that hits your between the eyes if you are in the mood.I say that because it took me a while for this album to grab me,once it did however i found their songs to be really good and kind of infectious.The vocals are very clean and used to accent the rhythmic nature of the songs.The songs attack with some relentless energy although they do slow down sometimes throughout the album.There is some Motorhead style to some of their songs while at other times they sound more like some of the revved up Monster Magnet stuff.They also have the ability to mix up Progressive Rock with real Boogie/Bluesy based tunes also.Yes this is a mixed bag of a album but what they do they do real well.Production is a bit basic so that hurts the sound in places but they have come up with a album that shows some great promise for the future.Not really the type of band i would normally listen to but i found it quite addictive after a few listens."

Doom Mantia

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Ari Wilson said...

Ruthless slab of rock n' roll, Rock on guys, I've also added your blog address to mine, thanks for your support

Ari Wilson.