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TONA: 1000
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And here are couple of reviews, in case you have any doubts ...

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"This is a beast of an album, the accomplished production shifting it up a gear from their previous recordings. It's quite clearly one of those that fits into the category of music that has to be played fucking loud to be properly appreciated. Just as Johann Cruyff pioneered the concept of total football, TONA are exponents of total rock. Every instrument attacks, with George's vocals used rhythmically to intensify the hit. From the outset there's a claustrophobic, machine-like quality to the music, making you feel you're locked in for the duration. The opener "Red Cylinder" is a choking, Motorhead-inspired anthem, and the frantic pace continues with the bluesy, ZZ Top-esque "Pieces". Some temporary relief comes in the first half of the slower, mournful sounding "Box", still my favourite tune, before that too gives way to fist-smashing, Bitch Magnet style riffs.
Even when it slows down, however, such as in "Go Slow", there's no letup in the monstrous heaviness of the impact, in fact the effect is even heightened by the knowledge that another crushing blow is about to be delivered. You can tense yourself in preparation, but you can't escape from its relentlessly pounding, superhuman power. Elsewhere "Grafit" benefits from being sung in Serbian, possessing a greater ferocity than the previous English version, before the appropriately fluid dirge "Through Water" closes, perhaps mercifully devoid of the brute force of the rest of the album, reflecting the listener's own feelings of being utterly drained from the experience, a soothing and strangely uplifting bandage on the wound. Nonetheless, by that time you've been well and truly battered.
Yes, of course it's a macho thing (they're Serbian, for fuck's sake!), a slightly masochistic kick for those who love a bit of visceral aural punishment. And what kind of indie-pop wanker doesn't? Highly recommended."(FROTHING SPLEEN)
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"Band Tona from Novi Sad, Serbia, has released its first album called «1000». It is a complete and diverse debut. In fact, this diversity is its greatest strength. It is based.. on relatively simple American boogie-rock topped by a layer of pure rock'n'roll, couple of jazzy tunes, a bit of skate-punk and a lot of progressive metal. Five band members combine this sound throughout eleven songs lasting 43:56 minutes. Two of the songs, «Grafit» and «Oreol», are sung in Serbian language, the others in English, and in a very good English I might say. George Almosthole has a very good and charismatic vocal, and I am sure he sounds even better live. However, you will hear many live sounding momen ts on «1000». The production is a bit raw, although without the distinctive smell of garage, which you will not miss at all. Even though the guys from the band are relatively young, they are all accomplished musicians who know how they want to sound and this is another Tona's distinctive feature.
The two guitarists, Boris Radin and Filip Radovanov, set the musical base for Tona and help out George with singing. That is a big plus. Not only do they sing in different voices, but they also bring new depth to the vocals, which is one more Tona's characteristic. I also have to give credit to the solid rhythm combo with Bojan Kumovic on the bass and Vladimir Ivancev Vova on drums Both of these guys know their instruments. The song «Pieces» is full of different parts, followed by the fantastic, laid-back ballad «Box» filled with jazzy influences I just can not get enough. «Go Slow» is a mid-tempo ballad with lots of progressive tunes and marvellous guitars which turn even hotter in «Down To Play», a song full of unexpected changes of pace.
I hope that I and couple of my friends will not be the only people outside Serbia who realise how good Tona is. These guys may be young and coming from Serbia, but that does not stop them from being a very good band, which, with the right feedback, could become as big as the next one. The band will be loved by many for its musical broadness I certainly hope they will retain the diverse approach which only adds to their value...
I simply like album «1000» very much and I think it is one of this year's best debuts. Unfortunately, you can not buy it here, but if you drop me a line, I will help you contact the band."

Tore Larson

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